TruGolf E6 Connect – Golf Simulation Software

TruGolf E6 Connect – Golf Simulation Software

£2,394.00 Including Vat

E6 Connect – Golf Simulation Software



E6 Connect – Golf Simulation Software

TruGolf E6 Connect – Join the growing network of connected golfers. Gain access to new Courses, Mini Games, Skills Combines, Training Aids.

This is the most advanced golf software ever made.

This revolutionary new software is available for both PC and iOS Users. Making it easier than ever to teach, train, play and compete.

The software comes standard with professional tools and the most realistic course play available.

This state-of-the-art software is 4K compatible and has been rebuilt with a user-friendly interface.


Real Time Peer-to-Peer.

Local Multiplayer.

iOS Compatibility.

Live Statistic Tracking.

4K Compatible Graphics and New Ocean Animation.

Enhanced Physics.

Authentic Stimp Rating.


TruGolf E6 Connect has been delivered with additional web features that greatly enhance the player experience. Now, users can track every shot taken while playing under their profile. Transforming how instructors can use E6. Users can sort shot history by date, round, or club and track every shot taken inside the software.


E6 Connect



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We have a few refurbished systems for sale call 01274 271302 for more info. ...

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