ProTee Hardware

The ProTee DIY packages come in four different configurations to suit use and budget.

All the ProTee golf simulator packs are based on the same sensor mat technology.

ProTee Sensor mat has 101 optical sensors and an audio sensor that captures all the data from the club swing.

Including swing path – club speed – club face angle – position – swing tempo – ball speed and ball path.

The sensor mat alone can provide enough data to play a full round of golf or just practice your driving, chipping and putting.

Also added to the system is a high-speed camera collecting 40 frames per second of ball data tracking the ball all the way to the screen.

A second over head camera is also available which again tracks the balls left and right deviation. All this club and ball data when partnered with the excellent The Golf Club TGC2019 software gives you a very accurate golf simulator experience.

Space Required

For the home user as long as you can swing a club safely and be 3m – 10ft away from the projection screen then you can have a ProTee home golf simulator.

If the installation is for multiple players and you have a mixture of left and right handed players then your space will need to be 4.5 m 15ft wide.

The ProTee golf simulator is ideal for a commercial environment as it is a fixed installation and can accommodate left and right handed players.

ProTee Hardware DIY Golf Simulator Packs

ProTee TGC Pack

Ideal for the home golf simulator either in house or garage space. This is our entry level package but still incorporating the same sensor mat and high-speed camera technology.

The pack contains the ProTee sensor mat, 2 installation lights one which sits above the sensor mat and one positioned 1m in front to illuminate the ball in flight. One high speed launch camera to track the trajectory of the ball flight. The Golf Club TGC2019 software with over 150,000 golf course’s and practice areas in up to stunning 4K resolution.

You do need to add a high impact projection screen, a gaming laptop or PC and a projector suitable for your room space.

ProTee Base Pack One

Basically, same as the above TGC pack but benefits from having the ProTee high impact projection screen included. The standard size is 4.3m x 3.2m but can be supplied to your bespoke size.

Also included is the ProTee 2.0 software on top of TGC2019. ProTee 2.0 is a robust software package is very easy to use and includes 100 of the world’s top golf courses, nearest to pin and longest drive competitions. The big advantage is you don’t need an internet connection so you can play offline quite happily in the shed at the bottom of the garden.

ProTee Base Pack One Pro

Same as the base pack one but with the overhead high-speed camera allowing both tracking trajectory and the left and right deviation of the ball in flight making a very accurate golf simulator.

ProTee Base Pack Two

The ultimate golf simulator experience. Ideal for the home user who just wants the best and most accurate system available from the ProTee range.

For the golf professional for coaching and creating extra revenue from rentals.

For the commercial installation such as indoor golf centres, hotels, leisure facilities.

The ProTee base pack two contains all the components of the base pack one pro with the addition of the putting sensor. The ProTee putting sensor provides the best putting experience allowing you to finish your round in style.

All ProTee hardware comes with a 12-month warranty excluding the high impact screen, with full back up and support via phone – email – remote log in.
Why not email us with your room size and let us plan your golf simulator installation.



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