Nifty Data You Can Get from a Golf Simulator

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Nifty Data You Can Get from a Golf Simulator

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There really is nothing better than the feeling of the wind in your hair as you make your way from hole to hole on a golf course. After all, golf is and always will be an outdoors game. With this said, practice truly is the most effective way to hone your technique and develop the skills necessary to dominate your competition on the golf course, even during a friendly game. At first glance, it may seem preposterous to swap the real thing for something that is computer generated, however golf simulators offer far more than the chance to hit a few balls indoors. Take a look at some of the data that they can provide to help you raise the bar and improve your performance…

Swing Path

The direction that the clubhead of a golf club is moving in as it makes an impact with the ball is known as the swing path. This determines the direction that the ball will go in after each swing and is something that many golfers learn to control overtime with practice and experience. A simulator provides real-time data so you can improve your swing with foresight and efficiency.

Club Speed

The speed at which a golfer moves the clubhead just before it comes into contact with the golf ball is commonly referred to as club speed. It is often measured when using the driver as this is the club that primarily focuses on distance. Since club speed will determine how far a golfer is able to hit the ball, it is an important piece of information displayed in many golf simulators because it allows you to compare and contrast each swing and find the best approach. 

Ball Speed

The ball speed is a measurement of how fast your ball leaves the clubhead after impact, and it plays an important role in how distance is generated. It can be influenced by a variety of other factors like club speed, the type of club that you choose to use and the quality of your swing. Being able to see your ball speed in a simulator provides an edge to golf that is impossible to get on the course itself.

Sweetspot Position

Golf is a game of precision and skill which means that finding the sweetspot position is usually done so through trial and error. This is the part of the club face where the largest transfer of energy will take place between the ball and club upon impact. It can typically be found in the centre or just below it, however a simulator can display the location in real-time so you can become familiar with how to swing and develop the best technique going forwards.

Ball Path/Flight

A lot of beginners do not realise how dangerous a golf ball can be which is why golfers often shout ‘fore’ on the course in order to warn others to get out of the ball’s path. Put simply, the ball path is the journey that the ball takes after impact with the club head. It works with the ball flight, which is the way that the ball moves through the air, and being able to control these aspects is often much easier with the data provided by a simulator experience. The need to practice is fast-become a necessity rather than a choice amongst many amateur golfers looking to harness their full potential. A golf simulator experience allows you to focus on specific techniques and flatten out any kinks in your play without the adverse effects of bad weather getting in the way, and the statistics that our technology gathers will display the game in a way that many golfers have never seen before. To tap into the statistics of your swing, get in contact with a member of the ProTee team today


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