Choosing the right golf clubs: Part 2

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Choosing the right golf clubs: Part 2

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Finding the right golf clubs is a slightly longer process than most new golfers realise – and some experienced players for that matter. There are many elements that make up the ideal golf club for each individual; we’ve already discussed the first three important aspects to consider: taking your time, the importance of grip and the shaft.

Now we’re going to look at more aspects that you need to take into consideration when searching for that dream set of clubs.

The Loft

Many beginners won’t know much about the loft on their golf club but it’s a vital aspect for every player. The loft, or loft angle, is the angle formed by the line running down the centre of the shaft and into the face of the club head.

This angle is measured in degrees with different clubs having varying degrees in order to achieve different shots. Clubs with a low loft will achieve more distance on a shot whilst a higher loft achieves a more up and down motion where the ball will rise and descend on a steeper angle.


The ideal head weight for each golfer varies depending on their swing speed. Golfers with faster swing speeds benefit from a heavier head on their club as it allows for additional control. Slower swing speeds require a lighter head in order to retain control and increase club head velocity.

Most brands offer a range of standard, midsize and oversized heads which also relate to how experienced the user is. As the head gets larger, the more leeway you have in your swing; oversized heads can still achieve good results even on a poor hit but due to the added weight they can be difficult to get consistent controlled swings with.


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