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Choosing the right golf clubs: Part 1

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There is one thing that unites both experienced golfers and those new to the game and that is selecting the right clubs. After all, no one can play their best game, or even learn the game, without the right tools at their disposal.

The right clubs for a beginner and an experienced player may look similar but they are in fact quite different. You’ll need a full set in your bag, from the driver right down to your putter, but how do you find those clubs that are an extension of your own arm rather than a clunky piece of metal hanging off the end of it?

Take your time

Don’t worry if you don’t find your dream clubs on the first attempt; with so many different brands of golf clubs on the market it isn’t unusual for even seasoned players to feel overwhelmed with the sheer level of choice.

Buying golf clubs is an investment that shouldn’t be rushed so if you don’t find the right clubs on your first attempt don’t be disheartened. Take your time and wait for the right clubs.

The importance of grip

The right grip should fit your hand with your middle finger and ring finger of your left hand touching whilst letting your pad and thumb barely touch. The thickness of the grip will have a big impact on your swing and the thinner it gets the more golfers will have large hand actions leading into the swing, however, if your finger doesn’t touch your thumb it is a sign that the grip is too thick for you which can lead to restricted hand control in the swing.

The shaft

When deciding on the right shaft for your golf clubs you need to take into account your height, build and strength. Generally, taller players need longer shafts, which is a given but you also need to take into account the flexibility and its suitability to your swing.

If the shaft is too stiff, any ball you hit will lose a little distance and suffer from a lower ball flight. As a general rule, shafts that are too stiff will cause a right-hander to slice the ball to the right, too soft and the ball will hook to the left.

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How virtual golf can improve your game

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Aside from lessons, tutoring and reading all the golf technique books you can get your hands on the only true way to improve your game is through practice.

Here in the UK the short summer months see golfers of all levels flock to the local green to practice, but through winter most hang up their clubs until next year. Nobody really wants to golf when the weather is cold and the only thing that’s driving consistently is the rain. So, what can you do to practice your form without venturing out into the wintery weather?

A great way of ironing out the kinks in your technique is to use a virtual golf simulator. Gone are the days of shoddy virtual machines where the only thing you could practice is your fiercest drive; thanks to modern technology, golfing simulators can now help you practice anything from getting yourself out of a sand trap, to putting on some of the world’s toughest greens.

Modern golfing simulators do away with the generic course model, now letting you play a full round on some of the world’s top courses. This gives you the perfect opportunity to hone your stance, swing and technique as you play through each hole.

Our modern golfing simulators are able to accurately measure and monitor every important aspect of your golf game so you can see in real-time exactly how to improve. These simulators can even be installed at home (as long as you’ve got enough room to swing a club without taking out some light bulbs that is).

Virtual golfing simulators are used all over the world by some of golf’s top professionals in order to stay sharp and improve their game. So, make sure you keep up with the pack by practicing your golfing technique using state of the art technology at home.


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