Are Golf Simulators the Ultimate Man-Cave?

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Are Golf Simulators the Ultimate Man-Cave?

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We are all guilty of wanting to spend some time alone and escape from the daily grind every once in a while, and we often do so by finding enjoyment in our hobbies and allowing the outside world to pass-by unchecked. Whether you are an avid painter, musician or sportsman, it is safe to say that the ‘man-cave’ is a direct result of these desires because they provide the perfect set-up for each and every hobby. Here at ProTee, we are confident that our golf simulator technology could very well be the ultimate excuse for a man-cave. Read on as we explain why…

A busy household, particularly one that has children roaming around, can be loud and crowded at the best of times which means that a designated area for relaxing is every parents idea of bliss. Whilst women often prefer to create their own office space, the men of the home are usually more aligned with their hobbies instead. The man-cave is created when a spare bedroom, garage or basement is repurposed in order to allow men, or even women, to focus on their interests without disturbing the other members of their household. They are typically utilised as a games room, at-home bar or even a study.

From football to basketball, sport is most certainly a part of our culture and actually serves as a great socialisation tool because it encourages people to connect with one another. In fact, it is entirely possible for all golf enthusiasts out there to colour outside the lines when it comes to the stereotypical ideal of a man-cave by turning the space into a fully operational golf simulator using state-of-the-art technology.

There is a common misconception that a golf simulator requires an abundance of space in order to be utilised to its full potential, however, the at-home system is actually a lot more versatile than people tend to realise. As long as you are able to safely swing your clubs with a 3-10ft lateral distance from the projection screen and have a 15m room width then there is nothing stopping you converting that spare room into your own personal practice suit. With this said, they are typically set-up as a permanent feature so you should ensure that your man-cave isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Here at ProTee, our golf simulator technology is designed with your golfing requirements in mind in order to provide excellent value for money and a fully immersive gameplay. Alongside the actual equipment itself, that is designed to ensure safety during use, you also have the option to implement robust software into your very own man-cave simulator, providing you with hundreds of different courses in stunning 4K resolution. To turn your man-cave vision into reality, get in contact with a member of the ProTee team today!


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Awesome They have been exceeding every expectation from other reviews I have read. I have never had better customer service for any other product. Jamie worked diligently to get my system to do the best it can for my space and I would recommend him every time.


Protee Golf Simulator We believe we made a good job with your team. Special thanks to Jamie Goodhall really for his kind approach. We so much satisfied to buy the Golf Simulator system from your Company and propose everybody.


Great, friendly and affordable Very good experience so far my project isn't finished yet will update in due course but Dave and Jamie are two genuine people who just want the best for their customers. Nothing is to much trouble and they are always available through email or phone when needing advice.


10 Jun 2019 Protee UK in the Isle of Man Protee UK have supplied me with an amazing golf simulator! The service and support from both Jamie and Dave has been first class with nothing being to much trouble. My customers are thoroughly enjoying the experience!