TruGolf E6 FULL for ProTee Systems

  • TruGolf E6 FULL for ProTee Systems
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TruGolf E6 FULL for ProTee Systems

E6GOLF is designed and developed by TruGolf. Originally a subsidiary of Access Software, TruGolf spun-off from the company in 1999 when Access Software was purchased by Microsoft for their expertise in golf software development. TruGolf maintained the core programming and graphics team of Links™ and continued to refine the technology, designing the #1 selling golf simulation software used in most simulators around the globe.

The golf courses in E6Golf are built using the most detailed, accurate highest quality GPS, Laser or satellite terrain data and imaging. TruGolf uses  the same source material the PGA uses to build our golf courses. It’s not just the amount of data collected that determines the level of realism; it’s the refinement of that data. Each plant, native tree and bush, each rock, each sand trap, is planted in its rightful place, just where it lies in the real world, fully illustrating the nuanced beauty of the world’s finest courses.


  • Number of players: 8
  • Golf courses: 87
  • Modes of play: 36
  • Multiple camera options
  • Course hole flybys
  • Ball tracers
  • Session timer
  • Mulligan options
  • Putting grid & arrow options
  • Time of day options
  • Wind options
  • Terrain hardness
  • Scoring zone
  • Contest modes (longest drive / closest to pin)
  • Swing analyzer
  • Post shot replays
  • In-game practice

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