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ProTee For Business

Commercial golf simulator

Thinking of starting your own business ?

ProTee provide world leading golf simulators that can provide you with many different revenue streams plus an extremely enjoyable way of making a living. 

In many parts of the world indoor golf is massive and the UK is just on the verge of the indoor golf explosion. With many golf courses now closing due to the economic climate and the vast profits made from redevelopment leaves a massive gap in the market for golfers looking for something a little bit different. Plus the balance of work / family / leisure time has changed dramatically in the last decade and for a lot of people, to spend four to five hours on a golf course is just not acceptable. 

So what is indoor golf?

Well exactly as it says, players can select to play on 1000's of the world’s top golf courses using real clubs and balls just as they would on areal golf course. The player is immersed in a true simulated experience as the fairway is projected on a 4 x 3 mtr high impact screen.

Using sensor mat technology and 2 high speed cameras the ball flies just as it would on the course giving a very accurate simulation of the shot just taken.

Feedback can be viewed of the shot including club path, ball speed,spin rates, travel etc. Which all help the player to improve their game.

Also included are a driving range, practice mode and nearest the pin and longest drive competitions.


What do you need to set up?

ProTee UK offer a full consultancy service to get your business up and running. From property acquisition through design and build. Acquiring finance and formulation of a business plan.

It doesn’t just stop there, ProTee are with you all the way as your business grows.

So what next ?  

Call 01274 271302 for an informal chat. 




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