ProTee For Home

ProTee For Home


On the first tee at Augusta, you select your club and drive the perfect shot straight down the fairway.  

Well now you can in the comfort of your own home on 1000s of the world's top golf courses with the ProTee professional golf simulator.

With practice modes and professional stats only all your shots your game will improve immensely.


What space is required  

If you can comfortably swing a club and be 3 mts away from the screen you can install a golf simulator but in a ideal world 3 mts in height 4.5 mts wide and 5 mts deep. This allows enough space for both left and right handed players.

What Equipment do I need 

You need ether the Protee base pack 1 or base pack 2 that includes the putting sensor. These both come complete with the high impact screen, lights , sensor , cameras and software. 

A high spec PC or laptop with a graphics card that will do 3D rendering ( We always recommend Intel i7 )  

Projector with HDMI 

How easy is it to install ? 

We offer a full design and installation service but if you do fancy doing it yourself then ProTee base packs come with full install instructions. If you order your computer from us all software will be full installed and ready to use.

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